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January 26, 2019

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In 2009, 10 and 2011 made reports on the situation in Turkey. In 2012-13 WikiLeaks published e-mails sent in that regard. Some of them were about the Gulen movement.

INSIGHT - TURKEY - Court case against Gul and energy deals Date 2009-05-20

Subject: Turkey does not want anything to do with South Stream. They are pushing for Blue Stream. -- Gulen movement is the infrastructure for the Islamists, AKP is the political vehicle that Gulen relies on to promote its agenda.

Turkey: The Judiciary and the Country's Identity Crisis Date 2009-05-21

Subject: The Judiciary and the Country's Identity Crisis. -- The Turkish military is greatly concerned about Islamist  penetration in the state's security organs. -- The Gulen movement and the AK Party share a broad  vision for a more Islamist-rooted Turkey

INSIGHT (more) - TURKEY - Uighur reaction and EU membership
Date 2009-07-08

Subject: Davutoglu has an Islamist vision for Turkey. -- AKP does not truly want EU membership, nor do they think they can get it. -- Fethullah Gulen leads a Turkish-based Islamist movement that is staunchly opposed to military's secularist agenda and envisions Turkey as a nation being born again as an Islamist power. The important thing here is that the Gulen movement provides the political base for the AKP and uses the AKP as its platform to spread an Islamist agenda.

Fuller on the Gulen Movement Date 2009-10-16

Subject: Former CIA Graham E. Fuller's thoughts on the Gulen Movement where he presents the conservative Fethullah Gülen network as more moderate and influential than any other Islamic movement in Turkey.

Gulen movement: Turkey's third power Date 2009-11-18

Subject: Background info --- Global network --- The outermost circl --- The middle circle --- This inner circle --- One voice, two messages--- FGC, AKP and the military -- Turkey's third force

Gulen Paper Date 2009-12-27

About the Gulen Movement Activity in the United States --- Gulen Movement Activity in the United States PDF

Re: Fethullah Gulen Date 2009-12-27

"She told me after meeting with the school's administration, she has no doubt about school's affiliation to Gulen......."
.........."I had no idea that the Gulen movement was this deeply entrenched even in the US educational system".

Re: Iran's crackdown on Gulen in Iraq Date 2009-12-29

".....four schools of Gulen in KRG (in Hewler region) were closed down." -- is concerned by Gulen's activities in Iraq and in KRG

Re: INSIGHT - Gulen, Dogan Media Group, AKP Date 2010-01-18

Dogan media group now is in big big trouble.....all newspapers (except for Hurriyet) owned by Dogan will be sold

Re: INSIGHT - Turkey - Gulen, business cycle, Africa, IMF, etc. Date 2010-02-21

Subjects:Gulen 'sleeper' cells -- Gulen's Relationship with AKP -- How to tell a Gulenist -- Gulen Influence in Police Intelligence -- Rise of AKP oligarchs -- Gulen in Africa -- Gulen and universities



Date 2010-02-25

Gulen 'sleeper' cells...........Gulen's Relationship with AKP.........Gulen in Africa

RE: INSIGHT - TURKEY - some notes so far Date 2010-03-11

......I noticed is that in all our meetings with Gulenists, they recited almost the same lines verbatim. they're very well rehearsed in selling this model. At the root of this, however, is power. ---- Everyone here wants to influence us one way or another. Turkey needs a voice in DC. THey're hoping it's us.

INSIGHT - Part II of Turkey trip Date 2010-03-16

----- I was struck by how they answered my questions without me even having to ask them. ---- Then he goes into that same exact speech we heard before about peace, love, harmony, humanity, democratic ideals, etc.

Re: INSIGHT - Turkey - More on Gulen movement   2010-03-22

The source described for me how the Gulenist recruitment process works. -- He described how each city in Turkey is responsible for certain countries. .... your loyalty is tested in the recruitment process ......

Turkey Researches
Date 2010-04-06

14,000 businessmeeeen, peaacee, looove and harmooonyyy

Re: Emre - task for Mon (about assets) Date 2010-05-10

Here is total assets list. All data obtained from the latest annual report published by those conglomerates

SPECIAL REPORT:A Turkeya**s Power Struggle Date 2010-05-18

Power Struggle Rooted in Geopolitics --- The Battle Lines --- EDUCATION: Sowing Seeds in Schools -- Strategic Placement --- Studying Abroad with Gulen --- SECURITY: Taking on the Military --- From Deep State to Ergenekon --- Breaking Precedent With Jailed Generals --- The Corporate Struggle ---The Gulenist Business Cycle ---The Foreign Policy Enabler --- Image Control --- Neutralizing the High Courts

Turkey's Power Struggle as Word doc.

Islam, Secularism and the Battle for Turkey's Future Date 2010-08-23

*Origins of the Conflict -Turkey's Islamists -Education -Security -Media and Business -Foreign Policy -Judiciary

Re: DISCUSSION - TURKEY - Increasing tension between ruling party and Gulen movement Date 2010-08-25 18:54:46

AKP needs Gulen to get votes as well as to use its power in its dealings with the army,......Gulen wanted a much more aggressive stance against the army in exchange of referendum support.

Turkey: An Emerging AKP-Gulenist Split? Date 2010-08-26

.....these two groups have long worked in tandem to undermine the power of the unelected secular elite in the military and judiciary,...Tensions between the Gulenists and AKP appear to be building in the lead-up to the referendum, and the recent publication of a book by a prominent police chief detailing the Gulenist infiltration of the Turkish security apparatus is now causing waves within Turkey over Islamist clout in key institutions, particularly police intelligence.

Islam, SecularismAnd the Battle for Turkey's Future (Word doc.)

Inside Turkey, the Gulen movement seeks to replace the Kemalist elite and transform Turkey into a more religiously conservative society. Outside Turkey, Gulen presents itself as a multifaith global organization working to bring businesses, religious leaders, politicians, journalists and average citizens together.

Date 2010-09-21 22:44:31
TURKEY/SECURITY - Terrorist PKK targets Gülen movement’s schools in Hakkari Date 2010-09-29

The interviewee stated that followers of the Gu:len movement asked for protection from police after being threatened by PKK members. ........I believe this is related to school boycott that was imposed by PKK two weeks ago

[Eurasia] Uzbekistan Intel Collected Date 2010-10-03

Gulen moved in at breakneck speed in the early 2000s. They set up an incredible amount of NGOs, small businesses, but were mainly involved in lyceums............The Uzbek government in 2001 started shutting down the schools, libraries, cafes, businesses, NGOs.

Re: [MESA] Turkey: Gulen Movement Taking PR Beating in Arrest Row Date 2010-10-06

.................The source told him that the Gulen movement is very upset about what happened to this police chief and they think this is an operation ordered by personally by Erdogan and
interior minister in order to defame Gulen movement.

Re: [MESA] DISCUSSION - Gulen Update Date 2010-10-18

They never thought that the case would bring the Gulen movement in to the light this much.------------ he implicitly admits two things. First, there is a group called Gulen sympathizers (which is important because this was denied by some Gulenist people). Second, Gulen encourage people to work in government institutions

DISCUSSION - TURKEY/CT - Hezbollah, PKK, Gulen and AKP’s new Kurdish Strategy Date 2011-01-07

First, Hezbollah/Mazlum-Der (its civil society organization). Second, PKK/DTK (civil organization)/BDP (political party). Third, Gulen movement. Erdogan is on top of these three movements and makes sure that they constantly balance each other off. He plays them against each other and does not allow any of them to gain enough power to challenge his government.

Turkish commentary describes military as "major source of anti-Americanism" Date 2011-08-02

Another danger in connection with moderate Islam in Russia is the  activities of the Fethullah Gulen movement........The Russian authorities, in response to these activities,  have shut down eight schools in Tataristan, four in Baskurdistan and one  each in Karacay-Circassia, Yakut-Saha, Astrahan and Dagestan.

Re: [CT] [MESA] [Eurasia] RUSSIA/TURKEY/TURKMENISTAN/US - Turkmenistan closes down Turkish schools - website Date 2011-08-19

Yes, all the Stans but Kyrg hates the Gulen movement and shuts the schools down whenever they can find them.

RE: gulen movement Date 2011-10-14

Origins of the Conflict - Turkey's Islamists - Education - Security - Media and Business - Foreign Policy - Judiciary


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