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İsmail Gökhan Bayram.
One of the owners of the television channel Hayatın Sesi TV.

24-Jan-2019 10:04

19 September

Court finds journalists guilty of making propaganda for terrorists 
A court on September 19 found the directors of the shutteredsocialist television channel Hayatın Sesi TV guilty of making propaganda for terrorist organisations, the daily Evrensel reported.

Turkish prosecutors accused the journalists of propagandising for the militant group Islamic State, and the armed groups the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) and Kurdish group Kurdistan Freedom Hawks (TAK), through its coverage of events in Iraq and Turkey, according to documents CPJ viewed in 2017. Turkey deems all three groups as terrorist organizations.

According to Evrensel, Mustafa Kara and İsmail Gökhan Bayram, the owners of the outlet and Gökhan Çetin, the station's general director, were sentenced to three years and nine months' prison. The journalists remain free pending the appeal process.