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January 21, 2019

Fethulla Gulen:
Because these fools do not understand us, (they claim that I) seek power in Turkey and stuff.. Are these guys insane? Claiming I would strive for such small things. What's that thing you're calling government? 

I'm a man who decided to overthrow that (the gov't) and establish a new one instead when I was 20 years old.
What is this thing that you are even call government?

Condescend...I would need to degrade myself I would need to descend a thousand steps for that. You fool!
May God rain fire upon their houses! May God destroy their homes! (My God) destroy their unity! May their hopes never see the light of day! Maty God block their way!  My God Destroy their future! O God, defeat them!

And make the (earth) quake! And break their unity! And split their congregations! And break them into a thousand pieces! And inflict them with evil against one another!.....

Nurettin Veren*:
 (President Gulen Schools. Gulen's confident for 25 years.)

Towards the end of 1995 at Altunizade FEM ( a collage entrance examprep educational center in the Altunizade district of Istanbul). He said (Fethullah Gulen): "Take over the military, the tax authority, the police structure and the judicial system!"
When we (Fethullah Gulen) said this, we were in a closed-door meeting with about 100-150 people and they all worked in these areas of the government. At this point he could openly give them this command.

Latif Erdogan**:
There are two faces to the cult. One that faces the outside world, a face that is tolerant and in dialogue with everyone, involved with education with no ulterior motive, involved in inter-faith dialogue, tolerant towards everyone... This is the face that is seen by the outside world.

Then there's the cult's actual structure and this is hidden

Fethullah Gulen:

"Based on their monetary strength,  their own assets in foreign countries or the assets they can control,  or based on the knowledge they posses or the power they have over influencing the public, it is mandatory, necessary, and important that they continue to serve (the cult) in this way until their power reaches a certain level and strength.

They (cult members) may make a mistake by acting prematurely before you have made enough progress, before you are strong enough, powerful enough, and if you expose yourself, the world will  bash in their head (cult members head.....

Nurettin Veren:
You are facing someone who has planned this coup since 1979, and you are facing the brainwashed (cult members) who consider him (Fethullah Gulen) to be superior to even a Prophet, and you are facing those that are more dangerous than suicide bombers, those that carry bombs in their brains.
You are facing those poor fools who have sold their soul to the devil and handed it over to Fethulla (Gulen).

"I had planned to overthrow the government since I was 20"

Nuretti Veren:

Just as our schools spread out quickly around the country, so too did the college entrance exam prep courses, because getting  into college without these courses was very difficult. Nearly 1.5 million students took the college entrance exam, but only 300.000 passed and got into college.

Of these potential students, I know that nearly 1 million got into collage using Gulen's prep courses.
Of the 1 million students, 10.000 students were pulled into the "cell houses" and were adapted and educated and indoctrinated into the inner parts of the cult. Of these students, those that had the potential to work in the judiciary, the military, academia, or other units were segregated and they were constantly exposed to Gulen's books and forced to listen to Gulen's sermons, and a "Gulenism (cult) took form.

Fethullah Gulen:
Until the moment when you are powerful enough, until you are strong enough to carry the world on you backs, until you possess such strength in your hands,  Until your control all the power within all of the institutions in the constitution of Turkey. Every step you take, will be premature.

Every step is like cracking an egg which has to (be incubated) for 20 days. This is like an incubator that abandons its chicks in a storm or hail-storm. And these are the things that we are doing here. These are the things at the micro-level, that we do to take revenge on the (people) of the world. This all we can say (right now).

In this crowded audience, I tried to explain (my thoughts) in secret but I did so appealing to your respect for secrecy and know that you will hide these thoughts and dispose of their overt nature jut as you dispose of the fruit juice I have given you. Have I been able to convey the message?...... (1)

Latif Erdogan:
Gulen's mission is to take control of the government and declare himself the absolute ruler, this has always been his unwavering mission. But Turkey has never been enough for him.  He believes he can control the entire world right now. He plans to over-throw the government of where he is most powerful. He plans on destroying the government, paralyzing it and taking control of it. He tried to do this in Turkey now and he'll try to do so in the United States if he thinks he is strong enough.

In America, this system,  it has been 20 years. I was the first to represent the cult in America in 1992, we had nothing, only a few students, but following Gulen's arrival in America everyone was encouraged and persuaded to move to the United States and (gain strength), there and therefore maybe there are hundreds of thousands of Gulen cult members now in the U.S.

Nuretti Veren:
"Very interesting!", I said. "A man like Khomeini came to Iran. And this whole liberal or secular Iran in an instant, moved over to a regime of mullahs."
I asked Gulen, "Who do you say about this?" He said, (we were sitting together then) ".... Our operation is a first class operation. The Iranian operation was third class."

So I asked him, "What is this first class operation of ours?" I was 25 at that time. I'm now 68.  It was not possible for me to understand, determine, or question.
He waived his hand like this. He knows what he was planning, at the time. Gulen said, "Our is going to be like this." Meaning, when (Gulen) swings his arm, they won't be able to determine anything.

Latif Erdogan:
When he tells the story of an oral examination he took to become a preacher,  he believes a verse he was asked to clarify by the committee, was a sign from God of the d.uty he was assigned,  "the 55th verse of the Nur section of the Quran, refers to me" he says.

In every one of Gulen's houses there is a large world map. It  first highlights the lands of the Ottoman Empire in green with the inscription "the lands we will take back" and for the remainder of the world. The words "you are in our dreams, we will conquer you as well someday" are inscribed.  In all of his houses this map exists.
He has always had a dream of conquering the world and to be the ruler over all people.

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* Nurettin Veren has been one of three main figures of the Gülen Movement, which was practically founded in 1966 in the western İzmir province.

** Latif Erdogan has known Fethulla Gülen for 45 years. He helped build the community and was once an "elder brothers" and the No. 2 man in the organization. He has now broke away.

Thinking Gülen is a peaceful scholar is a huge mischaracterization

The following is from Fethullah Gülen's book "Prophet Mohammed as Commande" published in 1998.

Besides the holy struggle, the principle of amr bi'l-ma'ruf wa nahy an al-munkar (enjoining the good and forbidding the evil) seeks to convey the Message of Islam to all human beings in the world and to establish a model Islamic community on a world-wide basis.

The Islamic community is introduced by the Qur'an as a model community, one that is required to make every effort in either communicating to mankind what the Prophet communicated to them, or in exemplifying in their own lives what the Prophet, by his own conduct, translated into actual practice: Thus, We have made you a community justly balanced, that you might be witnesses for all mankind, and the Messenger may be a witness for you (al-Baqara, 2.143). (3)

3. Fethullah Gülen believes in secretive and incremental take-over from within and that the change should come from the bottom up. One of his early sermons which was included in the indictment of 1999 epitomizes this belief: “You must move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centers… until the conditions are ripe, they [the followers] must continue like this… You must wait for the time when you are complete and conditions are ripe, until we can shoulder the entire world and carry it… You must wait until such time as you have gotten all the state power, until you have brought to your side all the power of the constitutional institutions in Turkey… Until that time, any step taken would be too early - like breaking an egg without waiting the full 40 days for it to hatch. It would be like killing the chick inside.” 

"The existence of our comrades is the guarantee of the future of Islam. From this aspect, their presence in the law courts, or in the civil service, or in other service sectors, the existence of our comrades cannot be evaluated as being out of individual obligation. Rather, in these units, they are the guarantee for our future (...) without having formed a strong front in the constitutional institutions; any step we take will be too early.

Until you have reached the correct saturation, until you have the strength to carry the world on your back, until you have laid claim to those things that represent power, until you have formed a powerful front in all of the constitutional institutions that are equivalent to the formation of the state in Turkey, every step you take will be a step too early." (4)

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