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Fetullah Gulen and the CIA connection


Sibel Edmonds in a video tells about Gladio B, Marc Grossmann (CIA) and Fethullah Gulen:

Sibel Edmonds in a video tells about Gladio B, Marc Grossmann (CIA) and Fethullah Gulen:

..............................35:17 .............Now, after Çatlı’s death, when we completely… the Gladio went to Plan B mode for Central Asia/Caucasus via Islam. And this Islamic faction, they already had a candidate in mind, a leader. And this man was this preacher, this symbol of fanatic Islam in Turkey. Now, they no longer call them fanatic. Because he’s supported by US, we call him a “moderate” Islamist. And his name is Fethullah Gülen.

35:49 Now, Fethullah Gülen was preaching in Turkey during these 1990s against the secular government. You know, “In Turkey we need to have a government that reflects more people’s value, which is Islam.” You know, “We have to go back to our roots.” It was a different form of ultranationalists. You know, ultranationalists were like, “We don’t want to be part of the EU, we want Turkish culture. In fact, all these Central Asian countries there, we want to get together with them, take over them, and make this great Turkic Republic.”


36:20 Now, this preacher Fethullah Gülen said the same thing, but didn’t say “nation.” He said “Islam — but the Turkish way of Islam, together with Turkish language. We need to go and get our other brothers in Central Asia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, bring them together, and be one great Islamic Turkey. Not fanatic, you know? Moderate, Turkish way of Islamic” — whatever is the “Turkish way of Islamic.”

36:49 Now, the military regime in Turkey hated this guy, so he was wanted. There were already some trials. They wanted to put him in jail, OK? He was going through all this period. Accident happens, and he’s wanted. He’s actually declared criminal, terrorist, anti-secularist by the Turkish government. Yet mysteriously, after Susurluk incident this guy Fethullah Gülen — in a private Gulfstream — ends up in the United States of America; lands here in Washington, DC. Hah! Why the United States? This is a great Turkic Republic, Islamic… why are you coming to US?

37:26 He hasn’t left the United States since. This is since 1997. First he was in Washington, DC area. They gave him a lavish house and let him set up his organization, Islamic organization. Currently, it’s valued somewhere above $20 billion dollars. It’s the largest Islamic organization in the world, headquartered in the United States. OK?

37:51 And I’m gonna come back again, if we have time, to this character. But he’s here in Washington, DC area and Pennsylvania. Who is his next neighbor? His next neighbor… [laughs] This is… I’m laughing. It’s because nobody touches these issues because they are told not to, as far as mainstream media goes. As far as alternative media goes, it’s like, “Man, dude, this is so complicated. I can’t get into that.”.............................

39:39 .......Now, between 1997, after he (Gulen) moved to the United States, this guy — this preacher Fethullah Gülen, right? — opened up 350 mosques and madrasas in Central Asia and Caucasus. 350, James — in four years! Nobody knows where the money’s coming from. He says these are donations from good-hearted Turkish people. [laughs] That, you know, it means — let’s take a look at it. If… we don’t even get that much… we don’t even collect that much tax in Turkey. Even the government is unable, by force, to collect that much tax. So we got these $20 billion dollars of net worth, so 350 mosques and madrasas.

40:26 But because he preaches modern Islam — you know, not the fanatic Islam — he advocates teaching English to all his students, peoples in the madrasas, OK? You know, these are boys with Qu’ran, and they go like… but they have to learn English. And for the teaching of English for his organizations that he owns, these mosques and madrasas, he needs to send English teachers to Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and et cetera, right? But for some reason, hundreds of these English teachers that went, have been going, from the United States to these countries — Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, et cetera — they all have diplomatic passports....................................................... (1)


Boston Terror, CIA’s Graham Fuller & NATO-CIA Operation Gladio B-Caucasus & Central Asia

Turkish Intel Chief Exposes CIA Operations via Islamic Group in Central Asia

From "Moving into the arteries of the system", an article published on www.dailysabah.com:

"During the 1990s, the tactics of the Gülen Movement awaken Graham Fuller's (CIA appointed vice-chairman of the National Intelligence Council) interest in the movement. Fuller is the one who assisted Gülen flee Turkey in 1999, theoretically to get medical treatment, but also to flee prosecution for remarks he made advocating the overthrow of the system. In addition Fuller continuously and publicly supported Gülen in his articles, books, and speeches".

"In 2004, in his article in The Washington Quarterly, Graham Fuller (former CIA) said, "[…] the largest popular movement in Turkey, the Nur Movement (and its largest and most prominent branch, the movement of Fethullah Gülen), springs out of the same traditional Anatolian heartland and propounds an apolitical, highly tolerant, and open regeneration of Islam focused on education, democracy, tolerance, and the formation of civil society based on the moral principles of Islam." Fuller presented an official letter of support to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, in order to assist Gülen get his green card for the U.S".

When the Court rejected Fethullah Gulens application for Green Card for the second time, 3 former members of the CIA wrote letters of recommendation to the court. They were:

In the case document:
Case 2:07-cv-02148-SD Document 28 Filed 05/21/08 Page 3 and 4 of 19, you may find the following:

14. A letter in support of Mr. Gulen's 1-140 petition was submitted by George Washington University, Department of International Affairs, signed by Adjunct Professor George Fidas, M.A.. Mr. Fidas formerly served as Director for Outreach of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and currently sits on the faculty of the Joint Military Intelligence Council. The letter was included with the original submission and contained the title, professional affiliation(s), and curriculum vitae of the referee. (A.R. pp. 1085 - 1092).

16. A letter in support of Mr. Gulen's 1-140 petition was submitted by Morton Abramowitz*, United States Ambassador to the Republic of Turkey* (ret.), former President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and current Senior Fellow at The Century Foundation. The letter was included with the original submission and contained the title, professional affiliation(s), and curriculum vitae of the referee. (A.R. pp. 1082 - 1084).

18. A letter in support of Mr. Gulen's 1-140 petition was submitted by the former Vice- Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and current Senior Political Consultant at the RAND Corporation, Graham Fuller,M.A. The letter was included with the original submission and contained the title, professional affiliation(s), and curriculum vitae of the referee. (A.R. pp. 1100 -1103).
* Morton Abramowitz, who was stationed in Turkey as a CIA employee before he came there as US ambassador. (2)

The following text is from an article published by Sibel Edmonds

The following text is from an article published by:

 | JANUARY 11, 2011:

The following are the main points on former Turkish Intel Chief Gundes’ CIA-Gulen allegations which were documented and reported by every single media outlet in Turkey (since mid December), including this one written by one of the most prominent journalists at Milliyet:

1-     In Central Asia, within Gulen’s Islamic schools, the CIA operatives worked under the guise of ‘American Teachers teaching English.’

Okay, the Washington Post article, going through the exact same publications/articles forgot to add these crucial details, which would have paved the way for journalistic investigation(s) leading to either confirmation or denial. The following is the only detail the article provided:

In the 1990s, Gundes alleges, the movement "sheltered 130 CIA agents" at its schools in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan alone

In this case, as others had done already, the existence of mysterious American teachers teaching English in Gulen’s schools in Central Asia has already been confirmed.

2-     The American Teachers working at Gulen’s Islamic Schools in Central Asia possessed US Diplomatic Passports.

I contacted my source, formerly with the State Department, and he confirmed issuing diplomatic status for at least 50 Americans to teach in former Soviet republics. When I asked him whether they were employed by the State Department, he said: ‘Not officially.’

I asked him whether they were connected to the CIA, and he responded, ‘I wouldn’t know.’ I inquired about the direct foreign employer(s) of these American teachers, and this was his response: ‘Private Turkish companies in education fields and several NGOs in Turkey.’ This particular source was retired in 2004.

Again, the Washington Post article conveniently omitted this particular detail. Publishing this detail would have required seeking comments from the State Department: “Have you issued diplomatic passports to American teachers in XYZ countries.” Of course, no such inquiry was ever made by the Post.

3-     Gundes provided details of a high-level official meeting attended by MIT officials, one of Gulen’s education foundation directors, the Minister of Turkish Education Ministry Department and other high-level bureaucrats, an official from the Prime Minister’s Office, and several owners of Gulen private schools.

The location for this briefing where CIA operative teachers with US Diplomatic passports were discussed was at ‘Ogretmen Evi’ and the host was the Director of Foreign Study Program at the Turkish Education Ministry. The meeting was ‘recorded,’ and an official report was prepared. The report included the following details:

  1. One of the attending Gulen school owners owned and operated 18 schools for Gulen in Uzbekistan. The CIA operation disguised under ‘Teaching English’ at these 18 schools in Uzbekistan consisted of 70 CIA operatives, operating under a project named ‘Friendship Bridge’ (Operation Code Name). The operatives also submitted reports to a certain arm of the Pentagon.


  3. The same operation (name not mentioned) had 60 American-CIA operatives as English teachers in Kyrgyzstan; again carrying US Diplomatic Passports.


  5. The meeting (briefing) and analyses were later included in an official government report (Turkish Government) on Gulen’s operations which was ‘published.’

Again, the Turkish media quotes and covers these detailed allegations. None of these details, and what’s alleged as evidence by Gundes, were covered by the Post. After all, how difficult would it be to follow up and check out these American ‘teachers’ with Diplomatic Passports in the named countries?

Make some use of the  Post’s foreign correspondents and partners stationed/anchored  there? No; the  Post would not dare open that can of worms. So what do they do instead: Take out all the details, get lies as quotes from the implicated CIA source, and say, ‘hmmmmm, see, nothing there.

Fethullah Gülen & the Origin of the Turkish Deep State

By ‘The Insider from Turkey’

abramowitzThose who think the Turkish/Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen was introduced to the CIA after he had left Turkey and established himself in Pennsylvania are missing the point. Same with those who are under the impression that the Gülen movement is primarily of a religious nature.

The first contacts of Gülen with the CIA go back to way before, we learn from the recently published book The witness of takeovers and anarchy by Osman Nuri Gündes, a former operative of the Turkish intelligence outfit MIT.

In the eighties Gülen associated himself
with fierce anticommunist circles in Turkey supported by the joint CIA and the secretive stay behind network, Gladio. We are talking about the same Gladio which was responsible for a series of far right terrorist attacks in Turkey and who composed the overture of the bloody 1980 takeover.

According to Osman Nuri Gündes, Gülen began his own anticommunist organization in the city of Erzurum. He also mentions Gülen with respect to Radio Free Europe, a CIA propaganda project against the Soviet-Union where previous CIA station chief Paul Henze was working as well. Henze has been described as one of the dark forces behind the takeover in 1980.

Gülen’s main contact in the CIA however, was Morton Abramowitz, who was stationed in Turkey as a CIA employee before he came there as US ambassador. As mentioned previously on this website, Abramowitz later came to defend Gülen when he ended up having trouble with the US immigration service. 

So, once upon a time Gülen was very close to structures in Turkey of which the remnants can still be recognized in Ergenekon, the network that targeted not only Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AK-party government, but also the Gülen-movement.

This is due to the fact that the previous anticommunist network in Turkey turned away from the CIA in post-Cold War days, while Gülen and his supporters in the Turkish government remained loyal to it. Sourch

What's Behind Turkey's Coup & Purge?

What's Behind Turkey's Coup & Purge? published on mintpressnews.com

The Factions – Turkey 101

........................Most people don’t realize this but there are three major factions that in various ways vie for power.

The first is Erdogan and AKP (Justice & Development Party) which is in the milieu of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is close to those same networks and pursues MB policies, representing the typical petit bourgeois class that MB always represents.

The second is the Kemalist Turkish nationalists. They are historically connected to the Turkish military and deep state, similar to Egypt. They have historically been friendly with NATO while maintaining a somewhat friendly attitude to neighbors and Russia.

The third is the faction around Fetullah Gulen, the super-rich Turkish businessman who runs one of the world’s largest charter school and private school networks. He is very close to the CIA and has been more or less at war with Erdogan for the last few years.---------------------------

The Gulen Movement
.................... However, Gulen is much more than a mere Islamist organization vying for power in Turkey from abroad. There is much evidence that Gulen is actually a front for the CIA. Having had a number of reports – from WikiLeaks releases showing Turkish intelligence officers admitting knowledge of CIA connections to Gulen to statements from whistleblower Sibel Edmonds stating the same – revealing that Gulen is essentially controlled by or, at the very least, working with the CIA.....................

......................Edmonds is considered the “the most gagged person in American history.” The USG invoked “state secrets privilege” in her case and she is prevented from revealing government corruption and cannot discuss certain aspects of her knowledge regarding her case. The DOJ’s Inspector General stated her claims are credible and Edmonds says her claims can be backed up by FBI files.

Benswann.com’s Joshua Cook asked Edmonds via email about her thoughts regarding Gülen. Edmonds has been covering the Gülen movement for years and has extensive research on herwebsite.

Cook asked Edmonds, is Gülen a threat to US interests?
“This has to do with Gülen’s role in terrorism,” said Edmonds. “Under the guise of schools [Madrasas] in Central Asia & Caucasus his network is involved in training terrorists [from Chechens to other Islamic Jihadis in the area]. The bureau had him under investigations since 1998.

However, they were prevented from pursuing the cases [despite all evidence collected] due to direct pressure from the CIA/State Deptment. How do I know? Some of the case files were under the division where I worked [counterintelligence]. Other investigations were being conducted under the FBI’s crime & terrorism division.”

Cook asked, “Is the CIA using the Gülen network to fund CIA ops in Turkey?”

“They did,” said Edmonds. “It was also a channel for money laundering for their $20 billion worth network. They bring teachers from Turkey. They provide them with decent/high salaries, but then, they force them to voluntarily and individually contribute over 50% of their income to their various front charity organizations … I met with several ex-teachers and spoke with them in 2006-2008; however, because of overt and covert threats from Gülen’s network to their families in Turkey, they were not willing to come forward or go on record.”

While under oath during a legal disposition, Edmonds, was asked if she had any information regarding Fethullah Gülen.
“He landed on the Turkish government’s wanted list and was going to be persecuted for wanting to replace Turkey’s secular government with an Islamic/Sharia-type of government. When he was wanted in Turkey for that and was going to go jail, he actually got on a plane and came to the United States, and was given immediately a visa to stay in the United States,” said Edmonds.

Edmonds states that Gülen has close ties to training militant Muslims.

Edmonds claims in her testimony that “Gülen established more than 300 Madrasahs in Central Asia and what he calls universities that have a front that is called Moderate Islam, but he is closely involved in training Mujahideen (Al-Qaeda) – like militia Islam who are brought from Pakistan and Afghanistan into Central Asia where his Madrasahs operate, and his organization’s network is estimated to be around $25 billion, and that he has close ties to training militant Muslims.”

When asked if she considers Gülen a threat to U.S. interests, she responded, “100%, Absolutely.”

In addition, in his book Witness To Revolution and Near Anarchy, retired Turkish intelligence official Osman Nuri Gundes says the Gulen Movement “sheltered 130 CIA agents” at the organizations’ schools in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan alone.

Dr. Aland Mizell of Kurdish Aspect, while arguing that there is a relationship between Gulen and the CIA, stresses that he believes this relationship is more mutual than dominant-submissive. Essentially, he argues that the relationship is symbiotic. Mizell writes,
In the past Dr. Necip Hablemitoglu, professor of history at Ankara University studied the relation of Fethullah Gulen’s community with the CIA. In his study he claimed that the CIA used Fethullah Gulen or that Gulen worked for the CIA. Dr. Hablemitoglu was assassinated in 2002, and his case has still not been solved.

Regarding Gulen’s connection to the CIA, former Turkish Intelligence Chief, Osman Nuri Gundes, in his memoir claimed that Gulen’s movement has been providing cover for the CIA since the mid-1990s, and that in the 90s, the movement sheltered 130 CIA agents at its schools in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan alone. The memoir revealed that the CIA operates in Central Asia by using the Gulenists’ movement. Furthermore, the Washington Post, hastening its news sells, printed the partial and prejudiced coverage of this recently published memoir by Chief Gundes.

I think that the publication was an important piece although not a fair, objective news analysis, but rather a marketing tool and a kind of propagandistic journalism for the Gulenists. I think that the author failed to demonstrate the intense secrecy of the organization and neglected to conduct further investigation to see if the Gulenists do have a connection with the CIA.

. . . . .
It is no secret that the CIA and Washington support Gulenists in Central Asia to counter the Iranian version of the Shia religious influence there. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, there was a social, political, and religious vacuum. Central Asian states were weak, so obviously the world would ask who would fill that vacuum.

Source: www.mintpressnews.com/whats-behind-turkeys-coup-purge/218566/

Gulen Movement - The Soft Khawarij_Page_27_Image_0001.jpg

Latif Erdogan, Gulen’s Autobiography writer

Gülerce also shared such information. He said,

Gülen, as a retired imam, is not capable of carrying out all this. He gets professional help from the CIA. There were high ranking Gülenist police officers who travelled to the U.S. for training. Gülenists are trained by the U.S. in perception management and psychological warfare. You cannot make it without professional help. Around 100 imams travel to Pennsylvania three times a year to get orders from Gülen. Does the U.S. not follow closely the periodical travels of 100 imams? Does Washington have nothing to say about this?

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